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Stuck on What To Do With Your Lawn Especially During the Winter? Here are Tips to Help You Get Through

The onset of the winter season means that most lawn grass become dormant. In other cases, most homeowners wait until spring for their lawn grass to sprout to life again. Winter does not necessary have to spell doom on your lawn care. Adopt the following tips as means of maintaining a healthy lawn.

Regular Fertilization

It is highly recommend for homeowners to use fertilizer on their lawn with a spreader. While moving the spreader back and front, ensure that you have a strong grip on the handle while shooting to release the pellets. As a beginner, you should read the instructions that are labelled on the package of the fertilizer. It is also advised to apply the recommended amount. It is recommended to follow the prescribed amount to avoid burning your lawn.

Aerate the Lawn

To add extra air to the grassroots, it is recommended to aerate the lawn. It is advised to use a spade when taking out spike of soil across the lawn when making holes for planting seeds. A motorized or manual aerator is highly suggested especially when working on a large lawn.

Spread Grass Seed

The winter season is cold therefore you need some cool season grass seeds. Sprinkle the seeds over the lawn using the spreader used during fertilization. Even distribution of the seeds over your lawn will prevent the occurrence of grass clumps on your lawn.

Raking and Watering

A rake is important for breaking down the soil clumps while ensuring the full coverage of the seeds. Using a garden hose spray, ensure that you water your lawn. It remains your duty to ensure that the soil is never dry and moist.

Further Steps for Wintering

It is extremely important to regularly clean up your lawn. This includes doing away with any clumps, leaves, debris or any other items. When left out, these material ends up smoothing the grass while attract disease conditions and damaging pests, insects and mice. You should be able to note any traffic. A small amount of traffic can be tolerated by dormant grass, but intense traffic makes it harder for the grass to green up.

Your lawn is fully stretched with the unpredictable winter season is coming in. The best method to prevent this is by ensuring that the grass has hardened off. There should be complete focus on staying clear from all sidewalks while putting your lawn to bed. Finally, you should always check out for the weather.

In case you are having trouble with your lawn, you can contact a professional lawn service for help.

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