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How Marijuana Drug Testing Emerged in the Workplace

The legalization issue of cannabis also known as marijuana in some areas around the world, caused an argument to whoever favors for it and those who are not. The views and opinions about tetrahydrocannabinol of people who can freely use spiffs for marijuana is legalized in their place. You might be a curious person, trying to think hardly on how will it become possible to work in a marijuana industry?

If you are up to something like that, then maybe this would help you fill some information for your curious minds. Through this, the possible things that may happen to marijuana and anything related to it can now be unlock. The drug test for the employers is one of the most sought after issues for the legalization of marijuana or cannabis. The ingredient that made the plant marijuana becomes active is the THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol. It stays in the body for a considerable period of time. When it was still illegal before, it is easy to for the drug test to do it, but now that it was being legalized, it’s up to the employer what method they will be using. The plant has a broader ramification than any other drugs, this could mean that you’ll be expecting a greater impact of it to you, greater than other completely illegal drugs.

The thing is that, the expert said that there is no accurate testing method for the THC impairments. Because of that, the employer cannot assure the safeness of their tests. Several companies held their previous standards for cannabis or marijuana testing which was too strict, yet, they noticed the growing trend of tolerance. They find more and more of their candidates, being positive on THC testing. In some cases, those who resulted to be positive would be eliminated entirely while in the others, they’ve been made much less frequent. It is doubtful that being stoned during the job is going to be allowed anytime soon but the legalization of marijuana makes it a hot button issue for those hiring and firing. Urine is the common way to know if a person is under the influence of the cannabis or marijuana. However, with the use of whizzinator the result can be flip. Though there are cannabis or marijuana drug testing methods to assist the person’s level of intoxication, it is still not enough when it comes to determining if the person is impaired or not.

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